About us

Ray Keedwell established the business in 1969 with one truck, and a determination to work hard and invest his time and energy into growing the business.

His first Commer truck is pictured on the right, with Ray’s son Stuart standing in front, looking forward to the day when he can drive it!

With acquisitions and developments along the way, the business has always held safety, reliability, customer service and a committed team as core values.

Since those early years, the business now managed by Stuart Keedwell and Jon White, continues to grow with the same level of determination, drive, focus and commitment.

A commitment to customer service

With many long established customer relationships spanning decades, R.T. Keedwell is well placed to understand customer needs, providing workable solutions that deliver results.

Using leading industry software and technology, every aspect of customer service can be measured. Performance is dynamically reported providing a seamless integration of information for customer visibility and efficiency.

Combine this with an experienced team who care about customer service, with an investment in new vehicles, depot infrastructure, technology and training, R.T. Keedwell offers a robust and reliable national transport solution.