Paper / Timber


R.T. Keedwell has been operating in the paper and timber sector for for more than 20 years and currently delivers over 34,300 loads per annum of paper and timber products for a wide range of customers.


Ensuring that timber and paper products arrive in a pristine condition is a pre requisite for this sector. Often the raw materials are ordered on demand to maintain the continuity and flow of the production process, and this relies heavily on reliable and timely deliveries.

With a substantial fleet of specialist combi trailers, R.T. Keedwell can transport jumbo reels safely and securely.

R.T. Keedwell have invested in satellite tracked vehicles with geo-fence notification facility, as well as offering direct customer interface to order input, status and KPI reporting. This enables R.T. Keedwell’s impressive service and OTIF standards to be constantly monitored and maintained.


R.T. Keedwell has a comprehensive range of services and vehicles to provide full and part load transport, groupage and distribution to the timber and paper industry.
Damage monitoring, and OTIF are all part of the performance-reporting package that you would expect from a leading transport provider.

More Information

If you’d like to find out more about our full range of services to the timber and paper sector, please call us on 01278 788 731  or email us at sales@rtkeedwellgroup.co.uk

UPM & Keedwell have worked together for over 10 years. In that time the relationship has developed from the more traditional supplier/customer interaction to one of genuine partnership, where both parties strive to generate shared cost & efficiency benefits.

This has coincided with a period when our customer base has become more demanding in terms of timed deliveries, reduced lead times & specialised equipment requirements. At the same time the paper industry has increasingly challenged existing load securing & health & safety practices, & UPM & Keedwell are proud to say that we were at the vanguard of this initiative in the UK.

By working together & understanding each other’s needs, we have created a culture of mutual trust & common purpose across all levels of our respective organisations.

upmJim Jack, Manager, Logistics Distribution. Supply Chain, UPM Paper ENA (Europe & North America)