A month has passed since our last update, and it appears that as a country we are slowly coming out of Lockdown. I just hope everyone acts with common sense and keeps to the social distancing recommendations to help avoid another peak.

As a business, we are starting to see customer volumes return in areas, but the economy is certainly reduced and we are still waiting for the Construction side of the business to fire back into life. There are some signs of this happening but we have to be cautious with regard to vehicle numbers. We intend to try and get the remainder of our Construction vehicles back to work by the end of July – work permitting.

After a lot of thought and consideration, circumstances dictate that we have had to cut back our General Haulage fleet in some Depots, which unfortunately has left us no choice but to make some redundancies. Whilst extremely disappointing, this should help us to secure our future in what is going to be a challenging time ahead. With determination and hard work we will succeed. We do not take these decisions lightly, and we thank all those members of staff for their understanding during these difficult times – we hope that in time we will be able to ask those people to re-join our business.

We are now centrally planning the General Haulage from Highbridge and the remainder of the General Haulage drivers should be back in the next 2/3 weeks.

Social Media is a powerful tool and sometimes very misleading… I would ask any member of staff that have a genuine concern or a genuine question please email Dee or myself and we will answer your question as honestly as we can at the time, in this ever changing world.

I have recently heard a comments like ‘why are we putting new 20 plate Mercs on the road’. To be clear on this one, we are not. We have actually put on a single 20 plate Renault and a single 20 plate Volvo, that are on a six-month Demo evaluation. These were agreed before the Covid lockdown and should have been with us 3 months ago.

Again, I would like to thank ALL of our Staff for their support in these very difficult times.

We need everyone to stay focussed on giving our customers a 1st class service with a positive attitude and smile on our faces. Please do not forget that without customers we do not have a business!

STAY SAFE                                                                                                                                                          


29th June 2020

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Dee Keedwell