It seems that the end of lockdown is now in sight, and we are looking to slowly exit this strange period in our lives. I’m sure that it was a very different Christmas period for us all, but with the vaccination programme well under way, we hope to see some return to a more normal life in the summer. January & February have always been our quietest months, and this year has been no different. The customer volumes have been as we have expected, and we have managed the business levels to those volumes. We are now starting to see the traditional increased forecasts from customers for March, hopefully running us through to a busy Easter period and beyond. The indications are that we are heading for a busy time this year, and if we can continue to provide an exceptional service for customers, our future looks good compared to other haulage providers around us. That reputation is made by all members of staff, and we must all work together to make sure that we stand out from our competitors. In recognition of the work to date, and a further incentive to improvement, we have introduced our Driver and Operator Company Incentive Schemes, starting from 1st March. With a good attitude and hard work, members of staff will be able to personally benefit from improved performance and productivity by the business. The Driver Incentive Scheme details have been issued alongside this update, and the Office staff scheme will be delivered by depot managers to staff over the next week. We appreciate your support, and fully hope to see all efforts being rewarded going forward. We have our new Keedwell European Freight division starting from Monday 1st March, operating from our Keedwell Scotland offices in Glasgow. This could be an exciting chapter in our development, with the effects of Brexit still relatively unknown. We wish Ronan Brady and his team great success with the venture. Separately, I have managed to acquire Manor Farm in Tarnock, Somerset. Manor Farm was where RT Keedwell started in the 1970’s, and is a small commercial premise with a farm shop, some parking area, containers and units for rent. It is an emotional purchase, with lots of fond memories being brought back. For those interested, I should be picking up my original Scania 142 soon. The restoration is nearly complete, and I look forward to it joining the other classic vehicles that we are starting to gather to take to the Truck Shows. I would personally like to thank everyone for their hard work and patience in these recent difficult times, and let you know that we all really appreciate your support.

Stay Safe. Regards Stuart

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