Chase Fox

We were very happy to meet Chase Kelly and Joe in Highbridge today – I think we had one happy little boy 🙂

Chase was born with Bilateral Talipes and had his first operation at 2 weeks old. Myself and his Mum were told prior to Chase being born that he probably would not live beyond the age of 1 or 5 as they thought he was going to be born with a life limiting condition. Thankfully Chase is no longer at risk of losing his life.

Chase loves every day, he loves tractors, diggers and farm machinery but like his Dad, his biggest love is lorries.

As parents, there have been some incredibly dark days indeed but Chase loves life and he loves spending time with his Mum and Dad, he loves visiting haulage yards and truck stops and looking at all of the lorries, the bigger the better and he certainly as his favourite fleets, the favourites being R T Keedwell.

We are immensely grateful to the R T Keedwell Group for taking time out of their busy schedule to send Chase a model of an R T Keedwell Group artic. As you can see from the photo he absolutely adored receiving it, it made his day.

When you have been told, you could loose your Son, despite what you are told later on, you always try and make every day as special as you can for Chase and it’s thanks to companies like R T Keedwell that make this possible.

We are all very proud that R T Keedwell helped Chase. The business that the R T Keedwell Group has become today is a testament to the professional service they provide, combined with the traditional family values that they believe in. Ray would have been very proud indeed of what the business has become and of its achievements.

Chase enjoyed his visit to Ray’s Cafe today !

Joe and Kelly


Chase – a happy little boy
Chase – with mum Kelly
Chase in front of one of our Classic Scania’s
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