Christmas Newsletter 2021

Another year nearly over and just when we thought we were almost back to normal, Covid reminds us all that it is still here and we may have to face more restrictions to our everyday life.

So once again we must be even more careful – washing hands, wearing masks and making sure we are all full vaccinated.

It’s been an interesting year work wise with increases in all our costs, wages, fuel, adblue, and equipment.

We have worked hard with customers to get the necessary rate increases to offset most of these costs, and have established a lot of new business, with further opportunities in the New Year.

New equipment is very thin on the ground at the moment, but we will have new lorries and trailers starting to filter through from the spring onwards.

We have increased the numbers and strengthened our Compliance teams quite significantly to maintain our operating standards around the network, but it is clear that we still have work to do in areas.

We need to continually look after and improve the presentation of the vehicles, continually improve driving behaviour to get the best out of the lorries, which gives us improved M.P.G and less down time – all crucial to our future success.

We now having a bigger presence on our Customer sites to try and improve our efficiency & service, and where possible improve our Customers costs.

We would like to welcome some new faces to the business –

Nigel Bulmer – Senior Transport Manager (Hensall)

Bryan Punler – Transport Manager (Hensall)

Paul Thomas – Transport Manager (Haydock) 

Ashley Fenton – Customer Service Manager (Carlisle – based at Steadman’s)

Steve Rosser & Harry Paice – Contracts Managers (C&C / Magners)

Welcome to you all

We now go into 2022 with lots of optimism and plenty of opportunities.

I would like to thank everyone for their hard work throughout 2021 and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year

Stay Safe.



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Dee Keedwell