Well, another week has gone and we are still in lockdown – hopefully everyone is following the Governments’ advice and staying safe.

The weather has been glorious but I think most of us agree there is only so much painting we can do at home! I am sure we are all wondering when this will end so we can get back to what we do best, but we really must be patient and follow all the guidelines we are given.

As an update, customer volumes are still very low in different areas of industry, and we are having to search hard for infill work. We have to be flexible and do the very best that we can at the moment. However, we are managing to keep nearly 60% of the General haulage fleet moving around the country – a big thank you to the much reduced Traffic teams and Office staff for all of their hard work.

We are monitoring on a daily basis when Construction will spring back into life and we can get our MOL back into Action. The Government talk seems to be of a will to start the return to work with the construction industry first, so we are ready and prepared for that as and when it happens.

Last weekend we delivered some Portakabins to a new Nightingale hospital in Aylesbury , and Hinkley Point C is also now starting to ramp up at long last which is good news for us.

A big thank you to everyone that turned up in Highbridge last Thursday at 8pm to support the NHS. Lots of lights and noise, and all social distancing was observed!

It just leaves me to say once again



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Dee Keedwell