In the last week everything has changed dramatically and our first priority is to protect our drivers and staff, working with our customers to be in a position to resume normal operations as soon as possible. We have had no choice but to recently Furlough a large number of Staff – a choice we haven’t made lightly, but necessary in the current crisis. We will look at the situation on a daily basis which I am sure will change at regular intervals until we come out at the other side. Our intentions are to press the pause button, stand still, and be in a position to press play as soon as we are allowed to. It is very important to protect the NHS -to give them a chance to treat the people and not be overwhelmed, and for us as Employers to act in a responsible way. As Chairman of the Group, I would like to thank the NHS for their amazing courage in these difficult times. Thank you for your Co-operation and your support during these difficult times. Stay safe, listen to the guidelines and we will get through this.

Best Wishes Stuart Keedwell

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Dee Keedwell