Coronavirus update 16/4/2020

Another week has passed and I hope everybody is coping as well as can be expected. Most importantly, staying safe.

We have just come through a glorious sunny hot Easter weekend, which is typical when we are confined to work or be at home….

From a work perspective, we are managing reasonably well compared to others, even with our reduced fleet. We are  monitoring volumes daily, adjusting staff accordingly and grabbing all the work we can to keep going until we are through this. Just until we get back to some sort of normality.

We are being told in the news that we are now reaching the peak, and we really hope to start to see things improve in the near future.

We would like everyone who is able to show their appreciation to the NHS for all their amazing work coping with this horrible Virus – can we get as many drivers as possible to blow their horns or flash their lights at 8.00pm this Thursday? It will really make a stir if we can!

Finally, and to end with some really good news –

We, the RTK Group have been nominated as finalists for the Safety in Operation category at the Motor Transport Awards, with the winner due to be announced at the Awards Ceremony in London in August. This nomination is focussed on some excellent work (alongside H+H) in removing risk and increasing safety during the loading and transportation of H+H product.

Lots of thanks to Andy Evans, Mike Wright and all those who contributed to the project – let’s hope we win!!

Until next week, stay safe and let’s get through this.


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Dee Keedwell