Fergie Howe Class 1 Driver RT Keedwell Group

Fergie first started driving as a Class 1 Driver in the 1970’s as a Shunter at Fison’s and progressed as a Driver -Tramping..

Fergie’s first lorry was a day cab Seddon Atkinson with a 180 Gardener engine – registration number RYD 100R. Fergie  was sacked every week by Ray and always convinced Stuart to take him back.
Fergie has been with us for over 35 years and had a small break in service to do Continental work – but soon came back to us.
Fergie will be missed up and down the Country as he is well known by everyone.
Fergie has become part of the furniture  at Keedwells, he  also took Stuart to his first ever Motor Cross meeting in the works pick up in the late 70’s
Enjoy your well earned Retirement Fergie !!
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