RT Keedwell Group Update – Spring 2021

At last it is starting to feel like spring, with Easter behind us and restrictions starting to lift. There is a sense of optimism in the air with the haulage industry awash with work and our customers very busy.

We recently had positive news, with a renewal and extension of our contract with out largest customer H&H Celcon. This gives us an element of security, and a platform to invest into the relationship – new equipment, methods etc. It also shows the confidence that out customers which reflects the current state of UK industry. It seems our challenge going forward will be to cover all of the work we are contracted to, and I am confident this will be the case for the foreseeable future.

Our Incentive scheme for the drivers is now up and running and is centred around excellent (compliant) performance on infringements , Drivecam safety and Mandata telematics driver behaviour which is being monitored by Andy Gregory our Group Driver Trainer.

Andy is encouraging drivers to improve with training or even tips over the phone, alongside poster campaigns. The improvement in the 1st couple of weeks is very encouraging with more drivers joining the ‘A Team’ and taking an interest in how we improve. We do thank you for that, and hope that any incentive will be well received at the end of the Quarter.

Our Traffic and Support teams are also now being incentivised on the performance of the business, meaning we all have to work as a team to achieve these benefits and supply a 1st class service to our customers. That sets us apart from other hauliers, and is very important. I have mentioned several times about the presentation of the vehicles and trailers which I am keen to improve. I need everybody’s input on this to make it happen. We need vehicles and trailers washed regularly – I don’t expect every truck to be like our show trucks, but do expect a certain standard, to maintain and improve our image with customers and general public.

On a personal note, my Scania 142 is finally back home, fully restored in our vintage shed. We have high hopes for success in the upcoming truck shows.

Stuart Keedwell

19th April 2021

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