Spring Newsletter – 2022

April 1st has come and gone, and unfortunately the conflict in Ukraine is certainly not an April’s Fool’s joke.

On Sunday 3rd April an RT Keedwell lorry was sent over to Poland with much needed supplies. Organised by the Bridgwater Rotary Club, it was wonderfully supported by local businesses alongside kind donations from the public, which is all appreciated. We all hope this helps the Ukrainian people in some way and the conflict stops very soon.

Trading conditions in the UK are going through difficult times, with costs soaring. We have seen record fuel & adblue prices, parts, labour, tyre costs (when you can get them) all soaring in price, so it is really important to save wherever we can. Maximum fuel MPG is key as well as being very mindful of causing unnecessary damage.

The good news is we are now getting busier and have worked to achieve rate increases with our key customers to cover some of these extra costs – mainly the fuel.

We are confident we will get through these difficult times and continue to be in a strong position when things stabilise.

New lorries should start coming through from May onwards, to go with the new trailers being delivered now.

We have two new Renault lorry and drag vehicles coming shortly that I have been designing with the help of Renault trucks, Hiab Cranes and Massey Body Builders. This has taken over 12 months of development with the aim to maximise payload (27 ton). They will also incorporate the latest Health and safety features and maximise Carbon Reduction (HVO Fuel). These new lorries will run out of Borough Green for our H&H contract, delivering in and around London.

The new Mercedes Tractor Units which will also start to arrive soon will have the new L cab and the latest, more efficient Euro 6 engine. The cab is more luxurious for the driver, with different seat positions and will be quieter in the cab. All of these new lorries will be factory fitted with fridges and inverters. The engine should be 4% better on fuel and we have decided to go back to standard mirrors at the moment. We will also be shortly changing our current mirror cams for upgrades to stop the fogging problems some Lorries have encountered.

Property Update –

We have been given the go ahead for 2 new bays in Carlisle – 1 for a new Tacho Lane and additional lane for the workshop.

We are just agreeing the development of an MOT lane in Hensall, and will also be working on the entrance to the Hensall yard in the next month.

We have also authorised the necessary work to the yard in Haydock, with repairs and renewals to the concrete and areas of the buildings.

Let’s hope by the time we read the next newsletter the Ukraine conflict is over and everything is heading to some sort of normality.

Stay Safe.


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